How to Make your beard grow faster

how to grow a beard

Most of the men today are looking to grow a beard. Beards seem to be a distinguishing mark of male. Men might grow beards in the first place from an evolutionary perspective. Once it was hypothesized in the history of evolution that the process of sexual selection may have led to beards. Testosterone is the dominant hormone for rapid facial hair growth. But, the Di-hydro-testosterone(DHT), a male hormone help to stimulate facial hair follicles and thus responsible for the growth of beard more speedily. The quantity of androgen receptors on the face also play a vital role for beard growth.

Some interesting facts about beards you should know:

  • Beards help you to protect against allergens
  • Beards gives you protection from direct sunrays,
  • Beards lowers chances of skin cancer.
  • It keeps your facial skin more youthful
  • It offers you a blemish free skin by preventing you from razor rash, acne and ingrown hairs
  • It makes you more masculine
  • Well maintained and trimmed beards gives you the appearance of being healthier
  • Lastly, women would like your masculinity quotient.

Viewing the above interesting facts about beard, it is for sure you are now became more interested to grow beards. Here are some tips for you about how to make your beard grow:

  • Washing your face with warm water with a mild cleanser lotion twice a day will certainly accelerate facial hair growth.
  • Massaging your face with a moisturiser contains the eucalyptus as the main ingredient will help you to grow your beard faster. Massaging can be done at home or in Beauty Clinic
  • Enough and sound sleep will help you to repair your damaged skin cells more effectively
  • Include natural sources of foods contain Vitamins A, B, C and E in your diet. This will help to you to speed up the growth of the facial hair
  • Increase the blood circulation through facial massage on your face will stimulate new growth of hair
  • If you are for the first time interested to grow beard then restrain yourself from shaving every day
  • Resist yourself from shaping or trimming your hair very often

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