In the past, pre workout supplements have mainly been targeted to men. Now that we live in an age where being healthy is encouraged, more and more people are working out, and the supplement industry has finally caught up to the fact that women need pre workout just as badly as men do. Now that pre workout for women is readily available from a variety of brands, many women have already made the switch from their old male-oriented brand. Overall, you’re probably super happy with the switch. No more testosterone boosting ingredients, no more bulking ingredients. What could be better? For some women, though, there has been one drawback: jitters. Some women may even be afraid of pre workout because of them, but you don’t have to be. There still ways you can enjoy pre workout for women without worrying about jitters and excessive hyperactivity.

How to manage jitters and hyperactivity when taking pre workout for women

Pre workout supplements for women generally have creatine removed as well as ingredients that boost testosterone—that’s great news. However, many brands have upped the levels of ingredients that give you a boost during your cardio routine, since most women are very cardio-focused in terms of exercise, compared to men who tend to be more about gains.

On the one hand, the cardio boost is great. For many women, it does exactly what it’s supposed to with no negative side effects. However, because pre workout for women tends to contain ingredients like caffeine as well as “fat burners” that are also stimulants, sometimes it all feels like an overload and instead of giving you a fatigue-fighting energy boost, you become a jittery nervous wreck with insomnia.

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can manage and even avoid the jitters and still avoid a pre workout for women supplement.

FitBodySupps article says the first thing to do is limit your pre workout dosage if you feel jittery or are unsure how it might affect you. Instead of taking the whole dose, take a fourth. If you do okay with that, take a half. Work your way up until you find a level you’re comfortable with, but never take more than recommended.

Another option is to take your pre workout earlier in the day. Most experts suggest avoiding caffeine after midafternoon to prevent insomnia. If you’re easily influenced by caffeine, this tactic could do the trick.

Some caffeine-containing pre workout for women formulas have naturally sourced caffeine (such as from green tea). This tends to be tolerated better than less natural options. Many such green tea-derived pre workouts will also contain EECG, which burns fat more safely than certain other stimulants and l-theanine, which balances the jittery affect sometimes associated with caffeine for a more focused, less hyperactive experience—balance, in other words.

There are also plenty of pre workout for women options that don’t contain any caffeine at all. If you have medical conditions, already drink a lot of caffeine or are just really negatively affected by it, you could always go for a caffeine-free pre workout for women option and cut out the jitters entirely.

How to avoid jitters when taking pre workout for women