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How to Make your beard grow faster

Most of the men today are looking to grow a beard. Beards seem to be a distinguishing mark of male. Men might grow beards in the first place from an evolutionary perspective. Once it was hypothesized in the history of evolution that the process of sexual selection may have led to beards. Testosterone is the dominant hormone for rapid facial hair growth. But, the Di-hydro-testosterone(DHT), a male hormone help to stimulate facial hair follicles and thus responsible for the growth of beard more speedily. The quantity of androgen receptors on the face also play a vital role for beard growth.

Some interesting facts about beards you should know:

  • Beards help you to protect against allergens
  • Beards gives you protection from direct sunrays,
  • Beards lowers chances of skin cancer.
  • It keeps your facial skin more youthful
  • It offers you a blemish free skin by preventing you from razor rash, acne and ingrown hairs
  • It makes you more masculine
  • Well maintained and trimmed beards gives you the appearance of being healthier
  • Lastly, women would like your masculinity quotient.

Viewing the above interesting facts about beard, it is for sure you are now became more interested to grow beards. Here are some tips for you about how to make your beard grow:

  • Washing your face with warm water with a mild cleanser lotion twice a day will certainly accelerate facial hair growth.
  • Massaging your face with a moisturiser contains the eucalyptus as the main ingredient will help you to grow your beard faster. Massaging can be done at home or in Beauty Clinic
  • Enough and sound sleep will help you to repair your damaged skin cells more effectively
  • Include natural sources of foods contain Vitamins A, B, C and E in your diet. This will help to you to speed up the growth of the facial hair
  • Increase the blood circulation through facial massage on your face will stimulate new growth of hair
  • If you are for the first time interested to grow beard then restrain yourself from shaving every day
  • Resist yourself from shaping or trimming your hair very often
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Tips for Growing Hair Back After Removing Braid Extensions

My hair growth journey began two years ago. I started researching healthy hair growth during the summer of 2003. During that time, I had just taken my hair out of braid extensions and I was left with thin, balding spots around my hairline. I did not use the right products to maintain the style nor did I take my vitamins on a regular basis. I found that using the right products and taking the right amount of vitamins helped to keep my fine hair strong, especially if my hair was in braids. However, I did not maintain the style and paid for it. After that fiasco, I was determined to find a way to grow my hair back and then some. I have always wanted long hair. I later learned that long hair is subjective. However, I knew what I considered long hair and I was struggling to grow my hair past shoulder length. Some sections of my hair was not shoulder length at all.The summer of 2003 was the first time I discovered websites dedicated to hair growth along with hair forums that held discussions on various hair growth methods, discussions of hair products, and general discussion of life not related to hair. I came across Cathy Howse’s website and I will admit that I was fascinated with her system. I would literally spend hours on the website reading all of the frequently asked questions and hair tips. The next step was to order the products and purchase the book Ultra Black Hair Growth II: Another 6″ Longer 1 Year From Now. The products do not promise growth but when used regularly the hair’s condition is improved greatly.

Before I started my healthy hair routine in February 2004, which was loosely based on Cathy’s system, I joined a few hair forums and I was addicted. I would spend hours reading product reviews, viewing members’ pictures, researching healthy hair regimes, and posting my questions and comments. It was great. I wondered if most of these people had long hair most of their lives and just decided to grow it after getting a short cut. I wondered if anyone had short hair for all or most of their life but after making changes were able to grow it to lengths never achieved before. I have always heard that growing hair long was a result of genetics. However, after joining hair forums I kept reading how everyone could at least grow their hair to mid-back length – health problems aside. According to what I read, it was based on a scientific fact. I later realized that this was written in Ultra Black Hair Growth II: Another 6″ Longer 1 Year From Now. I bought into the hype. I just knew that since I didn’t have any major health problems and mostly healthy diet that I could grow my hair longer too.

My edges already grew back after another round of braids – the healthy hair routine was not the cause of it since I had not officially started it. Maintenance of the braids was a key factor. However, after removing the braids I was ready to embark upon a hair growth journey that would yield even more results that I have never thought possible. I had planned to grow more than just my hairline. I was sorely disappointed. I have always taken a multi-vitamin and a basic hair vitamin with minimal results. Eventually, I added Biotin and I have tried Evening Primrose Oil. There were several hair vitamins that were touted as the best and I eventually tried most of them. I did not receive any exceptional growth. I was on a strict healthy hair routine: I washed and deep conditioned my hair every three days, I moisturized my hair length with water-based moisturizers and sealed it with oil daily, and I limited my heat usage. With all of my efforts, I did not notice any dramatic difference in my hair. Most products will not make your hair grow but the use of quality products makes the hair more manageable and keeps it in a healthy condition. The key is to minimize breakage. If hair is in a healthy condition, breakage can be minimized. Why was I having a problem seeing any growth? I was not noticing any extreme breakage. What was the problem? By changing the way I cared for my hair, I expected a different outcome. I took another route in my quest for long hair.

I noticed substantial growth in August of 2004 after using a product that received rave results. Surge Hair Revitalizer Plus 14 promised growth in only 14 days. I used it diligently for a month. I did not take any hair vitamins because I wanted to gauge the results of this product alone. Spraying my scalp twice a day was not too much trouble. I admit that the product did not agree with my scalp for the first few days as I received a burning sensation. I immediately called the company who manufactures the product. I was offered some free sample products and tips on how to use the product correctly. I decided to try it again and even though I still used the product to my liking, I never had the burning sensation again. I was glad that I did. I received a phenomenal amount of growth and the front of my hair now reached shoulder length. I have many layers in my hair and my hair in the front is shorter than any other section. I figured that I received twice as much growth in one month than I had the previous months before-this was six months after I started a healthy hair routine. I figured my hair grew slowly-¼ of an inch a month or less. Anything that will double my growth was worth keeping on my product shelf. However, there was another side effect of using this product. I received a scaly scalp and this was not the ordinary dandruff. I read a few experiences of others who used this product and realized I was not alone.

I have since stopped using the Surge product unless I have braid extensions in my hair. If using for braid maintenance, I make sure to dilute the product with equal parts of a braid moisturizer. I have tried another growth stimulant that worked well. I have tried other vitamin supplements not to mention numerous of hair products. I am now taking Ultra Hair Thick Shake and while it is too early to tell if I have received any growth, I can say that I have learned some lessons in my quest for longer hair. I no longer take a ton of vitamin supplements that had claims of being good hair growers. I only take Ultra Hair Thick Shake to maintain healthy hair. Some reviewers of this product have received growth but I do not expect that. I do expect thicker, healthier hair from this product. I learned that caring for my hair is not a chore but a hobby. The techniques I have learned are useful. Though my hair has not grown the way I thought it would after two years, I feel that my hair is stronger. That is the most important lesson. Healthy short or medium length hair is better than long, straggly unhealthy hair. That is what I have I learned. I will not go as far as saying that this is true for all people. Some may prefer long, unhealthy hair. I prefer healthy hair. As long as I am taking proper care of my hair, it will thrive and maybe after a few years I will gain the length I have always wanted. If not, then my hair will still have benefited from my efforts.