Will Buying High Priced Darts Make You a Better Player?

The quickest and simplest answer to that question is no. However, nothing is quite that simple. The real answer to that question is yes and no.

If you are looking to improve your dart game, you have probably thought about buying darts like the ones the professionals use. After all, they are some of the best in the world. Of course, the obvious argument here is “it isn’t the dart that makes the player good, it’s the skill.” And that isn’t wrong. But, I would also argue that a good dart will make a great player even better.

By now you may be a little confused and still wondering whether expensive darts will make you a better player or not, so let me explain what I mean by yes and no. Whether you are brand new to the sport or you’ve been playing for 20 years, going out and getting the so called best darts on the market, just because they are more expensive sill not make you a better player.

If you are a beginner, the best darts to buy to become a better player is definitely the ones recommended by Get Games Go on their website. However, if you have been playing for years and you have some skills but you feel like you are as good as you can get, or you feel like you are stuck, getting new darts may make you an even better player. Chances are, when you started you did not think about the weight, what it was made from, how it was weighted, or the flight, because in the beginning it really doesn’t matter. But once you have some experience, these are small things that you can play with to improve your game.

If you hold your dart at the front, you may want to try a front weighted dart. The opposite is also true if you hold it at the back of the barrel. If you have smooth hands, try a dart with a smoot grip; if you have rough hands, try one with a rougher grip. Test out a couple of different flights. You can also change the material, but this is where it starts getting a little pricier the fancier you get.

So no, a more expensive dart will not magically give you skills to make you a better player. But getting a dart that is just right for you, will improve your game.

Best Pre Workout for Women Leg Day

It is no secret that exercising is good for you, the numerous health benefits speak for themselves. Exercising can lower the risk of many diseases and is sometimes called the key to a long life. However, it can be really hard to get started, because who wouldn’t rather watch their favorite TV show? Pre workout supplements help get you ready for your workout and helps make your workout count. Pre workout supplements can improve endurance, strength, energy, and stamina. All of this will help you get a more complete and fulfilling workout.

So, now you know why you need a pre workout supplement, but actually finding one can be pretty daunting since there are so many. A good starting place is to narrow it down to the ones for women when they’re training their legs. Pre workout for women leg day are made with women in mind and will give you what your body needs. The next step is to figure out what you want from your supplement. Different ingredients will give you different results, so it is important to know what you want from the supplement so you can know what key ingredients to look for.

If you are looking for a supplement that will give you an energy boost, look for one with caffeine. If you are looking for better endurance, keep your eyes open for an ingredient called beta alanine. On the other hand, if you want to be more focused during your workout, try looking for a supplement containing citrulline malate, which will improve blood flow throughout your body. Lastly, no matter what kind of supplement you are looking for, try to get one with the B12 vitamin. B12 is vital in several bodily processes, such as blood cell development.

Pre workout supplements have gotten a somewhat bad name over the years, and not for any good reasons. I have heard some people liken them to steroids, which is simply not true. Pre workout supplements work very different than steroids, have less side effects, and are a much better option overall. I have also heard women say they don’t want to take pre workout supplements because they think it will make them too big, or manly. To that I say, again, pre workout supplements are not steroids. They aren’t going to make you ripped and give you huge muscles by themselves. Pre workout supplements are great for whatever you are working towards, whether it be getting rid of tummy fat, toning your legs and abs, or building muscles. The last thing I have heard people say is that they make you too jittery. I personally have never had this problem. However, if your body is sensitive to caffeine, that might be what is making you jittery. If this is the case, just look for a supplement with no caffeine. There are supplements out there without any caffeine that still do a great job of boosting energy, it is just a matter of personal preference.

My Experience shopping for a gun safe under $1000

Gun safes are a great addition to any gun owning household. They keep your guns out of reach from small children and, if necessary, burglars. Unfortunately, many of them are at least $1000, maybe even a couple thousand. If you are looking for a safe place to keep your guns, there are tons of great options that won’t break the bank. When I went shopping for my safe, I knew I wanted a gun safe for under $1000. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had so many options. I had it narrowed down to the Winchester TS-9-EFL, which retails at $329.99, and a 10 gun, double door safe.

What I ended up doing

I ended up buying the best gun safe you can buy for the money, which is the Winchester safe and I am very pleased with it. I knew Winchester was a great brand, so I was leaning in that direction to begin with. The TS-9-EFL can hold 10 long guns and is made from super strong steel. It also has 6 solid steel locking bokts, 3 of which are active locking, and 3 that are dead locking. It can easily be anchored to the floor, and its reinforced steel return jambs make it impervious to thieves. I honestly wasn’t too worried about thieves, I was more worried about my children. With 2 toddlers running around and another one on the way, I needed to know there was no way they could get to the guns in our house. After comparative shopping, this Winchester gun safe was the one that I felt was the safest.

What really sold me on it in the end was its lifetime warranty. The warranty provides free opening, and in case of a fire or burglary it also provides free replacement and delivery. This is all a great deal for just $239.99 and one that definitely can’t be easily beat. However, it wouldn’t be fair to not mention the runner up.

The 10 gun, double door gun safe I found at my local Walmart was a tough contender. It had 3 padded shelves on one side for ammo, handguns, etc. And the other side had enough storage space for 10 long guns. It also had a heavy duty, three point locking system and a key coded locking mechanism. Like the Winchester, this safe had a reinforced steel door and pre-drilled holes for anchoring it to the floor.

It was a tough choice, but in the end the Winchester had more of what I needed. I definitely recommend it, but I also implore you to do more research on other gun safes under $1000. You definitely don’t want to settle when it comes to your home security.

How to avoid jitters when taking pre workout for women

In the past, pre workout supplements have mainly been targeted to men. Now that we live in an age where being healthy is encouraged, more and more people are working out, and the supplement industry has finally caught up to the fact that women need pre workout just as badly as men do. Now that pre workout for women is readily available from a variety of brands, many women have already made the switch from their old male-oriented brand. Overall, you’re probably super happy with the switch. No more testosterone boosting ingredients, no more bulking ingredients. What could be better? For some women, though, there has been one drawback: jitters. Some women may even be afraid of pre workout because of them, but you don’t have to be. There still ways you can enjoy pre workout for women without worrying about jitters and excessive hyperactivity.

How to manage jitters and hyperactivity when taking pre workout for women

Pre workout supplements for women generally have creatine removed as well as ingredients that boost testosterone—that’s great news. However, many brands have upped the levels of ingredients that give you a boost during your cardio routine, since most women are very cardio-focused in terms of exercise, compared to men who tend to be more about gains.

On the one hand, the cardio boost is great. For many women, it does exactly what it’s supposed to with no negative side effects. However, because pre workout for women tends to contain ingredients like caffeine as well as “fat burners” that are also stimulants, sometimes it all feels like an overload and instead of giving you a fatigue-fighting energy boost, you become a jittery nervous wreck with insomnia.

This doesn’t have to be the case. You can manage and even avoid the jitters and still avoid a pre workout for women supplement.

FitBodySupps article says the first thing to do is limit your pre workout dosage if you feel jittery or are unsure how it might affect you. Instead of taking the whole dose, take a fourth. If you do okay with that, take a half. Work your way up until you find a level you’re comfortable with, but never take more than recommended.

Another option is to take your pre workout earlier in the day. Most experts suggest avoiding caffeine after midafternoon to prevent insomnia. If you’re easily influenced by caffeine, this tactic could do the trick.

Some caffeine-containing pre workout for women formulas have naturally sourced caffeine (such as from green tea). This tends to be tolerated better than less natural options. Many such green tea-derived pre workouts will also contain EECG, which burns fat more safely than certain other stimulants and l-theanine, which balances the jittery affect sometimes associated with caffeine for a more focused, less hyperactive experience—balance, in other words.

There are also plenty of pre workout for women options that don’t contain any caffeine at all. If you have medical conditions, already drink a lot of caffeine or are just really negatively affected by it, you could always go for a caffeine-free pre workout for women option and cut out the jitters entirely.

Basic Tips to Using the Best Dehumidifier

Before grabbing the best dehumidifier with your hands, you need to ask yourself whether you need one or not. The reason is that you don’t want to take out all the moisture from the room since moisture itself is important for the body and other situations as well. In certain households, many of them don’t want to have to buy a dehumidifier because there is already the air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems take out the moisture from the area, but there is still that situation wherein you need a dehumidifier.

The places in a home with heavy dampness are the laundry rooms and basements, because of the natural conditions present or the air conditioning system cannot reach in this area. In this case, you will need a dehumidifier. It is not only useful in taking out excess moisture, it will also get rid of that musty scent, too

The purpose of the dehumidifier is to maintain the ideal RH level or relative humidity in the house. During the summer season, a highly recommended dehumidifier to use is one with 50 percent RH level. During winter, a lower 30 percent RH level is preferable, especially when you see condensation already building up on the windows.

How do they work?

The air is forced to the coils filled with coolants by a fan, so as to remove moisture. The make depends on the manufacturer and the model, but basically, the condensed moisture in the device will drip into the basin or bucket from the coils. It can also be forced out of the unit by way of pumping. The air without the excess moisture is expelled into the room. It’s also important to note that when you’re shopping for a new one, make sure you check the dehumidifier reviews on sites like Amazon, Ebay to make sure you’re buying a solid dehumidifier that will work for a long time.

Selecting the dehumidifier

The right dehumidifier is based on these factors:

  • The unit’s energy performance
  • The method of preference you wish your device should have in removing water collected by the same unit
  • The area of the room, measured in square feet, that you wish to be humidified

How to use it

Using the dehumidifier is very simple as long as you follow the instructions set by the manufacturer. It should come with the owner’s manual that you will receive when you buy the unit. After you have unpacked the unit properly and remove its shipping tape, you must keep the bucket in its place. Don’t forget to check out the internal bucket in order to make sure that the float switch is not dislodged. To learn more about this, you must refer to the owner’s manual as this can be designed differently from one model to another.

When you turn on the dehumidifier, make sure you set its RH level to the highest, particularly when it is the first time you are using it. This is to stabilize the humidity present in the room. Most of the best dehumidifier units come with RH settings that can be high up to 90 percent and low to 30 percent. After the device has gone through a couple of cycles, you can then set the automatic humidistat of the unit to a setting of your preference.

What to look for when shopping for a 3D printer

Are you in the market for a new 3D printer? If so then there are many issues to consider in order to pick the right unit for your needs.

What Is a 3D Printer?

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing (AM). It includes various processes that are used to build a three-dimensional project. A computer is used to build layers of a particular material in order to create the object. A 3D model is used to create the object by transmitting electronic data to the printing device.

Types of 3D Printers

When purchasing a 3D printer there are various types of printers and technologies to select. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Stereolithography (SLA)

This is a 3D printing technique that’s used for the 3D printing of different objects. It’s the oldest type of 3D printing but is still being used. The process was patented in 1986 by Charles Hull. It involves a 3D printing machine known as stereolithograph apparatus (SLA). This device turns liquid plastic into real 3D objects.

  1. Digital Light Processing(DLP)

This type of 3D printing process is like stereo-lithography. It was developed in 1987 by Texas Instruments. It became a popular process in the manufacturing of projectors. The technology uses digital micro mirrors that are placed on a semiconductor chip.

  1. Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

This type of technology was developed in the 1980s by Scott Crump. Other companies have used similar tech but under various different names. A similar technology is known as Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). This process builds prototypes, concept models, and final products.

How to Buy a 3D Printer

If you’re in the market for a 3D printer here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  1. Type

Some of the most common types of 3D printers are explained above. Make sure to learn the basics about them so you’ll be able to determine the type of various models on the market. For example, there might be a particular type that’s more practical for the applications you’re planning for the device.

  1. DIY

There’s also the option to build your own 3D printer. It should be noted this will require enough time and know-how. However, if you want save money then this is a good option plus you’ll also be able to tinker with the device to add the features and specifications that are right for your personal/business use of 3D printers.

  1. Price

There are various factors that affect the price of the 3D printer. They include the brand, model, type, retailer, features, shipping, warranty, etc. As when buying other high-tech equipment it’s important to shop around. You also need to check the 3D printer reviews. This is important because if a 3D printer does not have great reviews, chances are that it won’t last for a long time. There’s a chance you can find a better price if you keep shopping around. You can find basic models as low as $100, while high-end professional printers can have price tags over $2,000.

  1. Materials

The printing materials you’ll need are PLA and ABS. They’re thermoplastics that become soft when they’re heated, and frozen when they’re cooled. You can find 1kg spools of filament that cost about $30.

Factors to Consider When Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Playing outdoor basketball is totally different from playing indoors. The outdoor basketball sport is for demanding and the surface on which it is played is rougher than the indoor court. So, to enjoy optimal playing performance and experience, it is necessary to invest in a good pair of outdoor basketball shoes. But, choosing the most durable basketball shoes for outdoor might seem quite complicated today as the market is flooded with a variety of brands and shoes design. So, to make your endeavor a bit easier, here are few factors to consider while searching for the best Outdoor Basketball Shoes.

Crucial Factors to Consider While Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes

  • Comfort – This is the important factor to keep in your mind while buying. If the shoes are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to play the sport and perform optimally on basketball court. Even if the shoes look great in design, ensure that you are comfortable with the footwear.


  • Size – Besides comfort, size also matters a lot. Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes which is tight can restrict your feet and even hamper your movements while playing. On the other hand, if the shoe is too big, then you may slip out from the shoes as you run. So, it is necessary for you to choose the right pair of basketball shoes that right in size and can be laced so that you tighten and loosen the shoes whenever required.


  • Durability – The outsole of the outdoor basketball shoes must be durable enough to withstand the abuses that players and the surface has to offer. Since you will be playing outdoor and the surface of the basketball court is designed with concrete and hence it is rougher which may accelerate the wear and tear of the sole. So, it is necessary for you to choose the shoes that come with thicker outsole designed with superior quality rubber. Such soles can withstand abrasion and absorb the shocks.


  • Breathability – If comfort is the matter of concern for you, then find outdoor basketball shoes that are breathable. The shoes made out of mesh are always good as it encourage excellent air circulation. Such shoes also ensure that the feet are dry while playing basketball.

How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster : A couple of Interesting Facts

Most of the men today are looking to grow a beard. Beards seem to be a distinguishing mark of male. Men might grow beards in the first place from an evolutionary perspective. Once it was hypothesized in the history of evolution that the process of sexual selection may have led to beards. Testosterone is the dominant hormone for rapid facial hair growth. But, the Di-hydro-testosterone(DHT), a male hormone help to stimulate facial hair follicles and thus responsible for the growth of beard more speedily. The quantity of androgen receptors on the face also play a vital role for beard growth.

Some interesting facts about beards you should know:

  • Beards help you to protect against allergens
  • Beards gives you protection from direct sunrays,
  • Beards lowers chances of skin cancer.
  • It keeps your facial skin more youthful
  • It offers you a blemish free skin by preventing you from razor rash, acne and ingrown hairs
  • It makes you more masculine
  • Well maintained and trimmed beards gives you the appearance of being healthier
  • Lastly, women would like your masculinity quotient.

Viewing the above interesting facts about beard, it is for sure you are now became more interested to grow beards. Here are some tips for you about how to make your beard grow:

  • Washing your face with warm water with a mild cleanser lotion twice a day will certainly accelerate facial hair growth.
  • Massaging your face with a moisturiser contains the eucalyptus as the main ingredient will help you to grow your beard faster. Massaging can be done at home or in Beauty Clinic
  • Enough and sound sleep will help you to repair your damaged skin cells more effectively
  • Include natural sources of foods contain Vitamins A, B, C and E in your diet. This will help to you to speed up the growth of the facial hair
  • Increase the blood circulation through facial massage on your face will stimulate new growth of hair
  • If you are for the first time interested to grow beard then restrain yourself from shaving every day
  • Resist yourself from shaping or trimming your hair very often

A buying guide for the best gaming desk

Have you been looking forward to have a gaming desk which lets you play the games in the most convenient ways? If yes, then check out the information here regarding the desk which eases you out to play games in perfect ways. If you wish to level up your game, just grab a gaming desk which seeks to have the best things working in your favor.

There are few things which you keep in mind such as the space on the desk which lets you locate your mouse or jockey stick and so on.

Also, you can seek for the online shopping mode as well which has loads of things to offer you and regarding the types of gaming desks, you can pick one based upon the shape and the size as per your gaming requirement ask for.

Types of the gaming desks you can choose from

All in all, there are almost 24 types of desks which you can seek to have and when it comes to the rating achieved by these tables, you need to go for the ergonomics. It is the types of tables which offer lot of scope in the betterment of the game. If you have gone for the wrong choice, then certainly there are some problems regarding the kind of game you will be playing.

You will have to pick the gaming desk based upon the configurations and the ease which makes it happen to play up the games really well. There are standard sizes as well from which you can pick and based upon the weight, you can invest in a table.

Gaming guide have few things to offer you and when it is about arranging all sorts of the gadgets then the space really matters. There are best gaming chairs as well which come along with these desks thus making sure you get full comfort while making the moves and having the fingers which really nimble and fast enough to move.

Picking up the table really matters a lot and for that you need to catch up with the gaming desk reviews which are available across the web.

Eureka Boss SmartVac Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Review

My old Eureka vacuum cleaner was purchased is 1987, when I graduated from college. Yes, I can definitely make things last. However, its suction was leaving a lot to be desired. It was time for a new vacuum for my tile floors. But which one to choose? There has been so much hype about bagless vacs. I hear that Dysons are virtual miracles. How would I ever decide?
After doing quite a bit of online research, and seeing what was on sale and available in nearby stores, I decided on the Eureka Boss SmartVac. It was around $150, but with sales and coupons cost me just $100.

My biggest decision was bagless vs. bagged. I decided on a bagged vac, the Boss, because although I like the allergy-reducing claims of bagless vacs, I knew from experience with a small bagless I use on my stairs that there are actually a LOT of allergens and other “gunk” that escapes into the air when the filter is removed for emptying. I think part of the bagless hype is just the “cool factor” of seeing all the dirt in there swirling around. Boss claims “the only sealed HEPA system” and says it captures dirt the others don’t. So far, I have not noticed any dust or particles coming back out into the air when using it, and all the dirt is safely sucked up into the bag. Once I had decided to go with a bagged vac, Dyson was pretty much eliminated as they are bagless. I did see that Boss claimed on its box to “clean better than a Dyson at half the price”. I love the look of Dysons, but couldn’t quite justify their high prices.

The suction this vac has is excellent. It is able to pick up everything I can see on my tile floors, and so presumeably also many things I can’t. It has a nifty large dial near the top that lets you switch the suction from the machine itself to connected attachment hose quickly and easily. It also has a “power paw” attachment which is great for stairs. The power paw attaches to the hose and has its own small beater bar. There are extender attachments which create a fairly long reach for the hose. The best vacuum for tile floors 2017 can works equally well on hard floors and on carpet, which the Eureka does without any problems.

My pet peeves with this vacuum are two-fold: most importantly to me as someone without a lot of upper-body strength, it’s heavy. It is a lot heavier than my old vacuum, and often just the thought of having to lug it out is enough to make me forgo vacuuming for the moment. Also, its foot release to recline the machine is difficult to push just right so that it will work.

Despite these frustrations, I am pleased overall with this vacuum. Its cleaning ability and its price make it a choice you will want to consider next time you purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

Eureka TheBoss Smartvac Specifications:

Cord length: 30 feet
Weight: 21 pounds
Power: 12 amps
Bags: RR Filteraire
HEPA Filter: HF2 HEPA Filter
Belt: Style R Extended Life

Tips for Growing Hair Back After Removing Braid Extensions

My hair growth journey began two years ago. I started researching healthy hair growth during the summer of 2003. During that time, I had just taken my hair out of braid extensions and I was left with thin, balding spots around my hairline. I did not use the right products to maintain the style nor did I take my vitamins on a regular basis. I found that using the right products and taking the right amount of vitamins helped to keep my fine hair strong, especially if my hair was in braids. However, I did not maintain the style and paid for it. After that fiasco, I was determined to find a way to grow my hair back and then some. I have always wanted long hair. I later learned that long hair is subjective. However, I knew what I considered long hair and I was struggling to grow my hair past shoulder length. Some sections of my hair was not shoulder length at all.The summer of 2003 was the first time I discovered websites dedicated to hair growth along with hair forums that held discussions on various hair growth methods, discussions of hair products, and general discussion of life not related to hair. I came across Cathy Howse’s website and I will admit that I was fascinated with her system. I would literally spend hours on the website reading all of the frequently asked questions and hair tips. The next step was to order the products and purchase the book Ultra Black Hair Growth II: Another 6″ Longer 1 Year From Now. The products do not promise growth but when used regularly the hair’s condition is improved greatly.

Before I started my healthy hair routine in February 2004, which was loosely based on Cathy’s system, I joined a few hair forums and I was addicted. I would spend hours reading product reviews, viewing members’ pictures, researching healthy hair regimes, and posting my questions and comments. It was great. I wondered if most of these people had long hair most of their lives and just decided to grow it after getting a short cut. I wondered if anyone had short hair for all or most of their life but after making changes were able to grow it to lengths never achieved before. I have always heard that growing hair long was a result of genetics. However, after joining hair forums I kept reading how everyone could at least grow their hair to mid-back length – health problems aside. According to what I read, it was based on a scientific fact. I later realized that this was written in Ultra Black Hair Growth II: Another 6″ Longer 1 Year From Now. I bought into the hype. I just knew that since I didn’t have any major health problems and mostly healthy diet that I could grow my hair longer too.

My edges already grew back after another round of braids – the healthy hair routine was not the cause of it since I had not officially started it. Maintenance of the braids was a key factor. However, after removing the braids I was ready to embark upon a hair growth journey that would yield even more results that I have never thought possible. I had planned to grow more than just my hairline. I was sorely disappointed. I have always taken a multi-vitamin and a basic hair vitamin with minimal results. Eventually, I added Biotin and I have tried Evening Primrose Oil. There were several hair vitamins that were touted as the best and I eventually tried most of them. I did not receive any exceptional growth. I was on a strict healthy hair routine: I washed and deep conditioned my hair every three days, I moisturized my hair length with water-based moisturizers and sealed it with oil daily, and I limited my heat usage. With all of my efforts, I did not notice any dramatic difference in my hair. Most products will not make your hair grow but the use of quality products makes the hair more manageable and keeps it in a healthy condition. The key is to minimize breakage. If hair is in a healthy condition, breakage can be minimized. Why was I having a problem seeing any growth? I was not noticing any extreme breakage. What was the problem? By changing the way I cared for my hair, I expected a different outcome. I took another route in my quest for long hair.

I noticed substantial growth in August of 2004 after using a product that received rave results. Surge Hair Revitalizer Plus 14 promised growth in only 14 days. I used it diligently for a month. I did not take any hair vitamins because I wanted to gauge the results of this product alone. Spraying my scalp twice a day was not too much trouble. I admit that the product did not agree with my scalp for the first few days as I received a burning sensation. I immediately called the company who manufactures the product. I was offered some free sample products and tips on how to use the product correctly. I decided to try it again and even though I still used the product to my liking, I never had the burning sensation again. I was glad that I did. I received a phenomenal amount of growth and the front of my hair now reached shoulder length. I have many layers in my hair and my hair in the front is shorter than any other section. I figured that I received twice as much growth in one month than I had the previous months before-this was six months after I started a healthy hair routine. I figured my hair grew slowly-¼ of an inch a month or less. Anything that will double my growth was worth keeping on my product shelf. However, there was another side effect of using this product. I received a scaly scalp and this was not the ordinary dandruff. I read a few experiences of others who used this product and realized I was not alone.

I have since stopped using the Surge product unless I have braid extensions in my hair. If using for braid maintenance, I make sure to dilute the product with equal parts of a braid moisturizer. I have tried another growth stimulant that worked well. I have tried other vitamin supplements not to mention numerous of hair products. I am now taking Ultra Hair Thick Shake and while it is too early to tell if I have received any growth, I can say that I have learned some lessons in my quest for longer hair. I no longer take a ton of vitamin supplements that had claims of being good hair growers. I only take Ultra Hair Thick Shake to maintain healthy hair. Some reviewers of this product have received growth but I do not expect that. I do expect thicker, healthier hair from this product. I learned that caring for my hair is not a chore but a hobby. The techniques I have learned are useful. Though my hair has not grown the way I thought it would after two years, I feel that my hair is stronger. That is the most important lesson. Healthy short or medium length hair is better than long, straggly unhealthy hair. That is what I have I learned. I will not go as far as saying that this is true for all people. Some may prefer long, unhealthy hair. I prefer healthy hair. As long as I am taking proper care of my hair, it will thrive and maybe after a few years I will gain the length I have always wanted. If not, then my hair will still have benefited from my efforts.